How an ASU Grad Got Her Life Back with Fitness

Everyone has heard of the “Freshman 15.” Right? In case you haven’t, it’s the weight most kids gain in their first year of college.

One of my clients, Krista was always an overachiever. She played soccer for 13 years and even though she was super athletic she put on 60 pounds in college.

Since joining Team 5 Star, Krista has lost over 45 pounds. She’s gained an incredible confidence that has helped her… well, why don’t I let her the story?

Here’s a quick Q&A with her.

5 Star: What was your life prior the 5 Star System?

Krista: Growing up playing competitive soccer for 13 years, the thought of not being "in shape" was not even an option. As a center midfielder, practicing three days a week and having at least three soccer games a weekend, I never once had to stop and think about what I was putting in my mouth.

Just because I was incredible at the sport and able to perform at a high level did not mean my body was healthy. Weight is something I have struggled with my entire life. I was always honest with myself and knew I was a "bigger" girl. Finally, in high school, I decided that I had enough and lost my first 40 pounds by eating strict diet food given to me by a meal prep company. But there was still something missing; I was not being taught nutrition concepts, how to make meals on my own and what my body needed to be fueled. So after switching off of the meal prep food, and to "normal" food, I gained all of my weight back and more.   

I had entered college, given up soccer, and decided to go the business school route. That dreadful "Freshman 15" everyone talked about turned into my "Freshman 60." I was 200 pounds, studying, sleeping, and eating my life away. Trips through the drive through were a daily event, sometimes even twice a day or more. My academics were together, but emotionally and physically, I was just not there.   

5 Star: What made you decide to get started?

Krista: How many times can a person look in the mirror, not like what they see, and not do something about it? After all of my clothes no longer fit me, not feeling comfortable ever in shorts or a swimsuit, and every year setting but not achieving the New Year's resolution of losing weight, I knew I needed to make a change. I became obsessed with the idea of getting that perfect "Instagram" model body, but at 200 pounds, I was constantly discouraged because this change was no instant fix.   

5 Star: What were you most skeptical of?

Krista: After finding Jay Dang, sitting down with him, and learning all about the 5 Star System, he told me, "fitness is a marathon, not a sprint" Even though every two weeks I would see amazing results, I was told that for the goals I had in mind I needed to train and diet for at least six months.

But I was not sure if I was fully ready to commit to six months of intense training and dieting. For me at the time, this seemed like forever. When talking to Jay, I instantly saw the passion he had for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but I was not sure if I could meet his level of passion.

A few days later, Jay reached out to me asking me to come train with him to see how I liked it. Agreeing to attend a workout, I was put through Jay's version of an "easy" workout. Let's just say I was physically exhausted 15 minutes in of a 60-minute workout.

I was dripping sweat after just the warm up.

For the next few days, I could barely walk and thought to myself there is no way I was ever going to be able to complete another workout like this again. To me, it was one thing to let myself down, but bringing a trainer into the picture with the potential of letting him down as well was something I was not willing to risk.

I constantly second guessed myself and did not think I could take on this journey. Turns out, I needed someone who held me to a higher standard than I held myself to at the time. I needed someone to hold me accountable and make sure I was reaching my weekly fitness and weight loss goals. I needed someone on my rough days when I knew I cheated all weekend to pick me up and remind me why I even started this journey.

5 Star: What results have made you the proudest?

Krista: Losing 45 pounds on the 5 Star System has been one of my biggest accomplishments. I went from not being able to get through a warm up, to cycling 13 times a week, personal training twice a week and additional cardio three days a week. I've discovered my new found passion for fitness and a healthier lifestyle is carrying me through my everyday life. Since joining the program, I’ve had constant encouragement from Jay.

Making so much progress toward this goal I had wanted to for so long gave me the confidence I needed to take on challenges in other areas of life, too. I finally took the exams in order to become a licensed real estate agent; something that I have dreamed about for years.

5 Star: What advice would you give someone has started yet?

Krista: Start today!

There is never going to be that one "perfect day" to begin your fitness journey. I spent months waiting on my "perfect day" to come around when in reality I was just wasting a bunch of potential pounds that could have been lost and workouts that could have been completed.

This program is more than just diet and nutrition, the people you meet within the program become extended family. True friendships are formed, the people around you are inspiring and the results you are able to achieve are infinite.

Are you to make a lifestyle change?

Everyone on Team 5 Star is proud of Krista’s new found determination and impressed by her results. Our team has a lot of success stories. You could be next!

To take the first step Krista did, all you have to do is apply here.

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