Pre-Diabetic No More

Sometimes demands in our life get in the way of us achieving our fitness goals. One of my clients, Vanessa, was struggling to meet her fitness goals due to her work. She struggled to eat properly and find time to get to the gym.



After getting some scary health news, Vanessa decided to turn her life around and get control of her personal fitness. Vanessa overcame initial skepticism and made the decision to join 5 Star Fitness. She has now gotten on the right track with her health.

Vanessa is sharing her story with you in hopes of inspiring you to follow her path.

Vanessa:  My name is Vanessa. I am originally from Mexico, but have been living in Arizona for the last 17 years, on and off.

5 Star:  What was your life like before training with 5 Star Fitness?

Vanessa:  My life consisted of just working. I would typically work normally just five days, but I was not taking care of myself, so I would go to work on my days off. Like I said, really not taking care of myself. My eating habits were really, really bad. In the last five years, I probably gained about 80 pounds. So really, my health was just going in the wrong direction. I became pre-diabetic, and also was diagnosed with high cholesterol, which really made me start thinking of taking care of myself, because I'm really young to be having those kind of issues.

5 Star workouts are never boring, they keep changing. And (the trainers) really are caring, they really care about you, your health, and your goals.
— Vanessa

5 Star:  What made you decide to get started?

Vanessa:  The fact that I was not happy with what I was seeing in the mirror. It was vanity, but also like I said, I got diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and high cholesterol, so I knew then that it was time for me to start taking care of my health. Luckily, I found 5 Star Fitness.

5 Star:  What were you most skeptical of before starting?

Vanessa:  To be honest, the first thing was I was intimidated about coming to this very well-known gym, where pretty much everybody's in shape. I was very skeptical of hiring yet another trainer, who I figured was not going to help me achieve my goals, that he or she were not gonna push me as hard as I need to be pushed. That's really what was missing in my life, finding the right trainer, the right fit for what I need.

5 Star:  What results have made you the most proud?

Vanessa:  There are so many milestones, starting with simple things, like before, tying my shoes was such an ordeal because I couldn't really move, because I was so big, to being able to finally run without feeling like I'm gonna die. But the milestone that has made me the proudest is not being pre-diabetic, and having low cholesterol. My blood sugar levels were 119 and fell to being 105, after only two months of training with you guys, which puts me on a regular range for glucose.

5 Star:  Okay, not pre-diabetic, right?

Vanessa:  Mm-hmm (affirmative), and not pre-diabetic.

5 Star:  What would you say to anyone considering training with 5 Star Fitness?

Vanessa:  Don't think about it twice, just go for it. I can assure you that you will never regret it.

5 Star:  What's your favorite part about the 5 Star program?

Vanessa:  I think one of the things that really keeps me motivated, and keeps me wanting to keep coming to the gym is the fact that all the trainers are so understanding, they really cater to your needs, and they keep pushing you. 5 Star workouts are never boring, they keep changing. And they really are caring, they really care about you, your health, and your goals.

5 Star:  Is there anything else you want to share about your experience so far?

Vanessa:  I think 5 Star Fitness has not only helped me with my health and with my confidence, but also has trickled down to work, where I'm doing a much better job at work. I'm a lot easier to get along with. I have a more positive outlook, and it translates into better performance at work. I get constant positive feedback from my employees, which really makes me happy.

Are you ready to make a lifestyle change?

Everyone on Team 5 Star is proud of Vanessa's positive health news and impressed by her results. Our team has a lot of success stories. You could be next!

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